Woman Recounts Mother’s Ordeal After Being Shot During Peaceful Protest

Judith John, a 24-year-old woman from Nasarawa State, shares the traumatic experience her family has endured following her mother’s shooting during a peaceful protest in Lafia. Speaking with journalist Abdullateef Fowewe, Judith details the events leading up to the incident and the subsequent struggles her family has faced.

Judith’s mother, Grace John, was among the peaceful protesters ahead of the Supreme Court ruling for the Nasarawa State governorship election on January 19, 2024. That fateful morning, Judith received a distressing call instructing her to rush to a specific clinic where her mother had been admitted. Upon arrival, she found her mother bleeding profusely. Despite the clinic’s inability to provide adequate treatment, they were directed to the police clinic for further assistance.

At the police clinic, Grace underwent surgery, with doctors initially attributing her condition to tear gas exposure. However, suspicions arose when a family friend, also a doctor, urged them to seek a second opinion. Subsequent scans revealed a bullet lodged in Grace’s stomach, contradicting the clinic’s earlier claims. Judith and her family suspected a cover-up by the police clinic to conceal their involvement in the shooting.

Grace recounted how a trigger-happy policeman shot her during the protest, with witnesses corroborating the account. Even amidst the chaos, the police clinic allegedly attempted to mislead them, neglecting Grace’s condition and withholding vital information. Judith expressed her frustration at the lack of accountability from the Nigeria Police Force, emphasizing the need for justice.

The incident has taken a toll on Judith and her family, especially as they navigate the challenges of caring for Grace. Financial burdens and emotional strain have compounded their difficulties, with Judith forced to prioritize her mother’s health over her studies. Despite the adversity, Judith remains hopeful for her mother’s recovery and appeals for support from well-wishers.

As Grace’s journey to recovery continues, Judith emphasizes the importance of addressing police violence and ensuring accountability within law enforcement agencies. She urges Nigerians to exercise caution and solidarity, recognizing that systemic reforms are needed to prevent such tragedies from recurring.

In the face of adversity, Judith draws strength from her mother’s resilience and unwavering spirit, hoping for a brighter future beyond the shadows of this ordeal.


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