Unextinguished Charcoal Fire Sparks Blaze, Engulfs 40-Room Flat in Kwara State

In a devastating turn of events early Friday morning, a residential complex in Kwara State, specifically at the Ile Muse compound, off Emir’s Road in Ilorin, fell victim to a raging inferno, leaving nine out of its forty rooms consumed by the blaze.

According to eyewitnesses and reports from the state fire service, the fire outbreak was attributed to a resident’s failure to properly extinguish a charcoal fire used for cooking the previous night. The neglectful act unleashed havoc, as the unextinguished embers ignited a conflagration that quickly spread throughout the building.

Mallam Abdulkadir, a neighbor, recounted the frantic efforts made to douse the flames after the vigilant guards raised the alarm around 2:30 am. Fortunately, the timely intervention of the fire service prevented further devastation, though nine rooms had already succumbed to the blaze upon their arrival.

Hassan Adekunle, the Head of Media and Publicity for the Kwara State Fire Service, issued a statement detailing the harrowing ordeal faced by the firefighters. Despite the daunting challenge, their swift response and unwavering determination ultimately subdued the flames, averting further catastrophe. However, the toll was significant, with household belongings, electronics, and personal documents lost in the fire’s wake.

Prince Falade John, the Director of the State Fire Service, expressed his sympathy for the victims, emphasizing the importance of fire safety and awareness in preventing such tragedies. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the grave consequences that can arise from negligence regarding fire precautions.


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