Tragic Murder at Celestial Church of Christ Parish: Assistant Allegedly Kills Shepherd on Altar

In a horrifying incident at the Grace of Comfort Parish of the Celestial Church of Christ in Ile-Ife, Osun State, the sacred altar turned into a scene of gruesome violence as the church’s shepherd, Most Senior Evangelist Morris Fadehan, was allegedly murdered by his assistant, Lekan Ogundipe. The heinous act reportedly occurred following numerous disagreements between the two men, culminating in a violent confrontation during a prayer session.

Ogundipe, laying in wait within the church premises, ambushed Fadehan while the latter was praying on the altar, brutally stabbing him multiple times in the head and inflicting severe injuries. In a shocking display of cruelty, Ogundipe then proceeded to pierce a nail through Fadehan’s ear and nose before dragging his lifeless body off the altar, wrapping it in clothes, and setting it on fire.

The motive behind the gruesome murder appears to stem from a series of disputes between the victim and the assailant, particularly concerning financial matters and allegations of immorality. Fadehan had reportedly expressed intentions to terminate Ogundipe’s role as his assistant due to his misconduct, including an assault on a prophetess within the church.

Ewa, the prophetess who was assaulted by Ogundipe, recounted the harrowing experience of being attacked by him after rebuffing his advances and denying any romantic involvement. The incident further fueled tensions within the church community, prompting the shepherd to contemplate dismissing Ogundipe from his position.

In a chilling turn of events, Ogundipe allegedly reported the discovery of Fadehan’s charred body to church authorities, feigning ignorance of the heinous crime he had committed. However, subsequent investigations by the police revealed damning evidence linking him to the murder, leading to his arrest and detention for further questioning.

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