Terrorism-Related Deaths in Nigeria Reduced Dramatically, Says National Security Adviser

In a significant revelation, the National Security Adviser (NSA) of Nigeria, Nuhu Ribadu, has declared a remarkable decrease in terrorism-related deaths in the country. Ribadu shared this information during an interview with journalists at the sidelines of the High-Level African Counter-Terrorism Meeting held in Abuja on Monday.

The event, themed “Strengthening Regional Cooperation and Institution Building to Address the Evolving Threat of Terrorism in Africa,” was organized by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) in collaboration with the UN Office for Counter-Terrorism.

According to Ribadu, Nigeria has witnessed a notable decline in terrorism-related fatalities, with the monthly death toll plummeting from around 2,600 to less than 200 presently. He credited the success to the counter-terrorism efforts of the current administration, which have evidently yielded significant results across various regions of the country.

Ribadu highlighted the government’s proactive measures, including the blocking of access to small arms and light weapons, which has hindered non-state actors from acquiring these arms. He emphasized that over three million illicit arms are in the possession of unauthorized individuals in Nigeria, indicating the magnitude of the challenge.

Furthermore, Ribadu noted a significant shift in the availability and pricing of firearms, particularly AK-47 rifles, which have become scarce and significantly more expensive. This, he explained, is a testament to the success of efforts aimed at confiscating and destroying illegal weapons.

While acknowledging the silent nature of some of these efforts, Ribadu praised the dedication and commitment of the armed forces, security agencies, and state governors in contributing to the overall reduction in violent crimes and armed conflicts in the country.

The high-level meeting, according to Ribadu, was convened to address the trans-border nature of terrorism effectively. He underscored the importance of adopting continental solutions to combat the menace, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to tackle the root causes of terrorism.

Ribadu’s revelation offers a glimmer of hope in Nigeria’s ongoing battle against terrorism, signaling progress in the country’s efforts to enhance security and promote peace and stability.

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