Significant Progress Against Terrorism and Oil Theft Reported by Nigerian Military

The Nigerian military has reported substantial gains in its operations against terrorism and oil theft, with significant casualties inflicted on terrorist groups and perpetrators of illegal activities across the country’s northern regions and oil-producing areas.

According to Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, a total of 188 terrorists were neutralized, 330 suspects were apprehended, and 133 kidnapped individuals were rescued during operations conducted in the northern parts of Nigeria last week. These achievements underscore the military’s commitment to combating insecurity and ensuring the safety of citizens.

In addition to counter-terrorism efforts, the military has intensified operations against oil theft, resulting in the arrest of 36 suspects and the recovery of stolen crude oil worth N637 million. Troops deployed in the Niger Delta region discovered and destroyed 51 dugout pits, 24 boats, 21 storage tanks, and four vehicles used in illegal oil refining activities. Furthermore, significant quantities of stolen crude oil and illegally refined petroleum products were seized.

The military’s success against criminal elements also extends to the confiscation of weapons and ammunition. A total of 270 weapons and 5,083 rounds of ammunition were recovered, including AK47 rifles, locally fabricated guns, automatic pump action guns, and explosive devices. Additionally, various communication devices, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and cash were seized from criminal syndicates.

These accomplishments come on the heels of earlier achievements recorded by the military in the first quarter of 2024. During that period, troops eliminated 2,351 terrorists, arrested 2,308 suspects, rescued 1,241 kidnapped hostages, and recovered stolen crude oil valued at N20 billion.


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