Senator Ndume Denounces Electricity Tariff Hike Amidst Economic Struggles

Senator Ali Ndume, Chief Whip of the Senate and representative of Borno South, has vehemently opposed the recent surge in electricity tariff, deeming the timing inappropriate considering the ongoing economic challenges faced by Nigerians.

Expressing his discontent, Ndume highlighted the burden already borne by Nigerians following the removal of fuel subsidy and emphasized the need for the Federal Government to prioritize addressing pressing issues such as inflation, insecurity, and poor purchasing power before imposing additional financial strains on citizens.

In a statement addressing the tariff increment authorized by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Ndume condemned the lack of consultation with the National Assembly, stressing the importance of involving representatives of the people in such critical decisions.

He underscored the prevailing high inflation rate, stagnant minimum wage, and the financial struggles endured by many Nigerians, urging the government to focus on enhancing essential services and alleviating economic hardships before implementing further financial obligations on the populace.

Ndume reiterated the necessity for stable electricity supply, reduction in inflation, and improvement in purchasing power before imposing additional financial burdens on Nigerians. He emphasized the crucial role of the National Assembly in representing the interests of the people and called for thorough consultations before implementing such significant policy changes.

The senator’s stance aligns with the sentiments echoed by various stakeholders, including labor unions and religious leaders, who have similarly denounced the tariff hike, warning of its adverse repercussions on the already-strained populace.


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