Senator Abe: Nyesom Wike an Influential Figure in APC Government

In a recent interview on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Senator Magnus Abe, a prominent figure within the All Progressives Congress (APC), made noteworthy remarks regarding the status of Minister Nyesom Wike within the party.

Senator Abe clarified that while Wike is not a formal member of the APC, he holds significant influence within President Bola Tinubu’s government. Emphasizing Wike’s role as a minister in the APC-led administration, Abe stressed the importance of acknowledging Wike’s position as a presidential appointee from their state. He argued that it would be imprudent for the party to disregard Wike’s influence, considering his role in the government.

Abe highlighted that Wike’s association with the APC government does not require him to be a member of the party. He pointed out that despite Wike’s non-membership status, he remains a crucial figure within the APC government, and it is in the party’s best interest to collaborate with him for the benefit of both the party and the nation. Abe noted Wike’s past support for Tinubu’s presidency bid, despite not being an APC member at the time, as evidence of his influence and willingness to work with the party.

Moreover, Senator Abe shared insights into his personal interactions with Wike, revealing efforts to persuade him to support Tinubu during his tenure as governor. He expressed his comfort in collaborating with Wike and underscored the importance of following the leadership example set by President Tinubu in engaging with influential figures like Wike.

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