Senate Advances Bill to Increase Salaries and Allowances for Judges

The Senate made significant progress on Thursday as a bill aimed at boosting the salaries and allowances of judges at all levels passed its second reading. The bill, presented by Deputy Majority Leader Lola Ashiru, received favorable consideration as senators deliberated on its potential to enhance the integrity of the judicial arm of government.

Ashiru, representing Kwara South Senatorial District, emphasized that the proposed executive bill would contribute to fortifying the judiciary and upholding its independence. Tahir Monguno of APC, Borno North, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of improved pay in deterring corruption among judicial officers.

Monguno stressed that revising the remuneration of judges, which has remained stagnant for years, would shield them from unethical influences and empower them to dispense fair and just judgments. Orji Kalu, representing APC, Abia North, expressed support for the bill, emphasizing the necessity of ensuring the judiciary’s comfort and effectiveness.

Kalu commended the executive for its initiative and urged a broader examination of salary adjustments across various sectors of the economy. Emmanuel Udende of APC, Benue North-East, underscored the detrimental impact of inadequate pay on judicial morale and performance over the past 15 years.


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