Scandal in Maiduguri: Two Arrested for Indecency in Church Premises

The Borno State Police have apprehended a man and a woman for engaging in sexual activities within the confines of the All Denominations Church Police College in Maiduguri, the state’s capital. The individuals, identified as Kaka Ali Umar from Damboa road and Khadija Adam from the Ngomari area of Maiduguri, were caught in the act on Monday, February 12, 2024, around 11:40 a.m., with allegations pointing towards the complicity of the church’s security personnel, whose name has been withheld.

The Reverend in charge of the church, Danjuma Adamu, reported the incident to the police, detailing the disgraceful act that took place within the sacred premises of his church. According to the Reverend, the illicit encounter was not just a breach of moral and religious codes, but also a transactional affair, with Khadija Adam claiming she was paid N1,000 by Kaka Ali Umar for the act.

The case, currently under rigorous investigation by the Metro Divisional Police Office, has raised serious concerns about the sanctity of religious sites and the moral fabric of the community. A security source closely involved in the investigation, yet unauthorized to speak publicly, confirmed that the suspects are being interrogated at the Metro police station. Upon completion of the preliminary investigation, the case is expected to be forwarded to the appropriate legal authorities for further examination and potential prosecution.

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