President Tinubu Vows to Banish Terrorism from Africa

President Bola Tinubu has issued a resolute vow to eradicate terrorism from Africa, branding it as an imported evil that threatens the continent’s prosperity and security.

Speaking at the African high-level counter-terrorism meeting hosted by the federal government, Tinubu emphasized the urgent need to combat terrorism, describing it as a hindrance to the envisioned prosperous and just society for African citizens.

Highlighting the destructive nature of terrorism, Tinubu stated that it aims to instill fear and disrupt normal life, targeting farmers, children, women, and families. He underscored the importance of preserving democratic principles and unity in the face of terrorism’s divisive agenda.

Asserting that terrorism is not inherent to Africa, Tinubu called for concerted efforts to confront and defeat this menace. He emphasized the need for determined national, regional, and international collaboration to address insecurity on the continent effectively.

The meeting, supported by the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT), was attended by high-level officials, including Amina Mohammed, deputy UN secretary-general, and Vladimir Voronkov, UNOCT under-secretary-general.

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