President Tinubu Pledges Technological Investment to Combat Corruption

President Bola Tinubu has reiterated his commitment to leveraging technology as a crucial tool in the fight against corruption and financial misconduct in Nigeria. Speaking at the World Economic Forum Special Meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Tinubu emphasized the role of technology in promoting transparency and accountability within the government.

Describing technology as the “enemy of fraud, corruption, and irregularity,” Tinubu highlighted the importance of investing in technological innovations to enhance public-sector performance and service delivery. He shared his administration’s focus on utilizing technology to ensure transparency, particularly in the recently launched national consumer credit system and other government interventions.

Acknowledging initial resistance to efforts aimed at strengthening systems and combating misconduct, Tinubu emphasized the long-term benefits of a corruption-free environment for Nigeria. Drawing from his experience as the former Governor of Lagos State, he underscored the transformative impact of technology in optimizing revenue collection and enhancing efficiency in governance.

In discussions with Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, Tinubu explored the potential of technological platforms such as MOSIP ID to integrate data and streamline government processes. Gates highlighted the benefits of digitization in improving payment efficiency, financial inclusion, and tax collection, affirming Nigeria’s capacity to manage these systems with its talented youth.

Additionally, Gates discussed agricultural innovations, including high-yield seeds, aimed at enhancing productivity and nutrition across Nigeria. He underscored the safety and potential of these seeds, urging support for the Minister of Agriculture’s efforts in this regard.

President Tinubu expressed his commitment to further explore these technological advancements and agricultural initiatives, emphasizing Nigeria’s potential for growth and prosperity. He praised the creativity and enthusiasm of Nigerian youths in embracing technology, envisioning a bright future for the nation as it continues its reform efforts.


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