President Tinubu Affirms Commitment to Nigeria’s Sovereignty and Security

President Bola Tinubu reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s sovereignty and security during a meeting with leaders of the Yoruba socio-cultural organization, Afenifere. Tinubu emphasized that those who threaten Nigeria’s sovereignty will face harsh consequences, affirming that his administration has made significant strides in combating banditry and kidnapping through intensified campaigns bolstered by intelligence gathering.

Speaking on security, Tinubu declared that Nigeria’s sovereignty is non-negotiable and underscored the administration’s success in degrading terrorism to a level where it no longer poses a threat to the country. He also assured that efforts to defeat banditry and kidnapping are yielding positive results, with no payment of ransom whatsoever, as the battle is being taken to the perpetrators.

Tinubu outlined his administration’s focus on re-engineering Nigeria’s finances to enhance citizens’ purchasing power and spread prosperity through initiatives like the National Student Loan Programme and the Consumer Credit Scheme. He stressed the importance of empowering the youth through education and providing allowances for the unemployed to reduce the high unemployment rate.

Furthermore, Tinubu thanked the Afenifere delegation for their prayers and support, reaffirming his determination to advance Nigeria’s unity and prosperity. In response, Olu Falae praised the President for his courageous decisions and ongoing critical projects, urging him to ensure fairness and equity for all Nigerians while advocating for constitutional amendments to devolve more powers to the states.


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