Presidency Disputes Atiku’s Claims on Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road Project

The Presidency has rebuffed former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s assertions regarding the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road project, denouncing them as a distortion of facts and urging him to seek accurate information.

In response to Atiku’s allegations that President Bola Tinubu prioritizes personal business interests over Nigeria’s infrastructure development, the President’s Special Adviser on Information and Strategy, Mr. Bayo Onanuga, clarified that the Lagos-Calabar Coastal highway and rail projects are distinct endeavors. Onanuga emphasized that Atiku’s confusion between the two projects underscores the need for him to verify information before making statements.

Atiku had criticized the allocation of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project to Hitech Construction Company Limited, alleging lack of transparency in the bidding process. However, the Presidency refuted these claims, stating that no contracts for the highway project had been awarded during either the Buhari or Jonathan administrations. Onanuga clarified that the contract awarded under the Buhari administration was for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal rail, not the highway project.

Furthermore, Onanuga highlighted Atiku’s oversight regarding the strategic starting point of the coastal road, emphasizing the importance of initiating the project from Lagos due to its impact on industrial zones and export-import flow.

Addressing Atiku’s criticism of the Lekki Concession Company, the Presidency urged him to verify facts before casting aspersions on President Tinubu and his government.

In conclusion, the Presidency called on Atiku to refrain from engaging in divisive politics and focus on constructive contributions to nation-building, while affirming Tinubu’s commitment to driving national progress through infrastructural development.


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