Plea for Help: UNIZIK Student Kidnapped, Community Rallies for Ransom

In a distressing turn of events, students at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, have launched a heartfelt appeal for assistance in raising ransom funds for their missing schoolmate, Miss Francisca Chioma. The young woman, a student within the Science Education Department, vanished while en route to a funeral, sparking grave concern among her peers, family, and the wider community.

According to reports, Chioma embarked on her journey to attend a friend’s father’s burial but never reached her destination. Despite frantic attempts to contact her, all efforts proved futile, deepening the sense of alarm among those acquainted with her plight. Chief Security Officer Ken Chukwurah confirmed the unsettling development, disclosing that relevant authorities had been notified, including the Department of State Services (DSS).

Chukwurah underscored that the incident occurred outside the university premises, emphasizing the need for collaboration with external security agencies. He revealed that the perpetrators had established communication with Chioma’s family, heightening fears for her safety. While details remain scarce, it’s been reported that the kidnappers initially demanded a staggering N10 million ransom, later negotiating it down to N2 million, with a looming deadline for payment.

In response to the exigency, Chioma’s classmates and friends have launched a public campaign for financial support, acknowledging the family’s financial strain in meeting the ransom demand. A poignant plea circulated on social media, spearheaded by one Collins C., beseeching the community for assistance in securing Chioma’s safe release. The post detailed the harrowing circumstances of her abduction and urged individuals to contribute whatever they could towards the ransom.

Amidst the anguish and uncertainty, Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Ikenga Tochukwu, issued a call for collaboration, urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward and aid in the investigative process. Tochukwu’s statement reaffirmed the commitment of law enforcement to resolving the situation swiftly and ensuring Chioma’s safe return to her loved ones.

As the ordeal unfolds, the collective solidarity of the community emerges as a beacon of hope in navigating the challenges posed by this grave injustice. With every donation and prayer offered, the resolve to reunite Chioma with her family strengthens, underscoring the unwavering spirit of compassion and resilience that defines the human spirit in times of adversity.


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