Peter Obi Receives Leadership Politician of the Year Award, Stresses Desire for Nigeria’s Progress

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general election, emphasized his commitment to Nigeria’s development, stating that he is not driven by desperation for the presidency but by a fervent desire to see Nigeria thrive. He made these remarks while reacting to his recognition as the Leadership Politician of the Year 2023 at the newspaper’s Annual Conference and Awards event in Abuja.

Expressing gratitude for the award, Obi underscored the importance of effective leadership in driving positive change in the country. He reiterated his willingness to dedicate himself to Nigeria’s advancement if given the opportunity, emphasizing that his focus lies in making tangible contributions towards national progress.

Addressing the issue of poverty and youth unemployment, Obi emphasized the need for productive engagement of young Nigerians to mitigate socio-economic challenges. He emphasized that poverty should not be pervasive, particularly in regions like the North, highlighting the vast agricultural potential of Nigeria.

Obi drew attention to the irony of Ukraine, a war-torn nation, providing grains to Nigeria, suggesting that Nigeria’s agricultural capabilities far exceed its current utilization. He emphasized the agricultural potential of states like Niger, Borno, and Taraba, stressing that with proper leadership and strategic utilization of resources, Nigeria has the capacity to not only feed itself but also contribute significantly to food security in Africa.

In his concluding remarks, Obi emphasized the importance of poverty alleviation as a means to reduce crime rates, emphasizing that empowering citizens through economic opportunities is crucial for fostering national stability and prosperity.

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