Peter Obi Inspires Inmates with Message of Hope and Redemption During Easter Celebration

In a special Easter celebration at the Correctional Center in Onitsha, Anambra State, former Labour Party Presidential Candidate Peter Obi delivered a powerful message of hope and redemption to inmates.

Drawing inspiration from the biblical narrative of Mary Magdalene’s transformation, Obi emphasized the universal human quest for freedom and redemption, stating that everyone in Nigeria, in one way or another, seeks liberation from their struggles.

Addressing the inmates during the Easter mass, Obi encouraged them not to lose hope, reminding them of Mary Magdalene’s journey from a life of sin to becoming one of the first witnesses of Christ’s resurrection. He instilled a sense of optimism, assuring the prisoners that despite their current circumstances, they can find hope and salvation through faith and self-correction.

Accompanied by Archbishop Valerie Okeke of Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese and other priests, Obi underscored the transformative power of faith and forgiveness. He stressed the importance of spiritual growth and self-improvement, reassuring the inmates that their past mistakes do not define their future.

The Easter celebration at the Correctional Center has become a tradition for Obi, reflecting his longstanding commitment to supporting prisoners’ rehabilitation and reintegration into society. The event featured joyful cultural performances by the inmates, who expressed gratitude for Obi’s friendship and mentorship.

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