PDP Will Make a Comeback in 2027, Former South West National Chairman Asserts

Dr. Eddy Olafeso, the former National Chairman South West of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed confidence in the party’s resurgence in 2027, emphasizing the collective resolve to overcome present challenges and reclaim political power.

Speaking at a One-Day seminar for Media Aides of the party’s governorship aspirants in Akure, Olafeso conveyed optimism regarding the party’s future trajectory, drawing on its historical achievements and shared vision for national development.

He remarked, “With the future we have shared together in the Peoples Democratic Party, no matter the challenges we are facing at this moment, we are very sure and confident that the future will be better and that PDP will take back power and connect to do what it did in the past to develop Nigeria. I am very confident that we will return.”

Highlighting the importance of internal cohesion and communication within the party, Olafeso underscored the need for unity among members to surmount obstacles and advance the party’s agenda effectively.

He asserted, “Part of what we are doing at this moment started with an internal process of communication with ourselves, and once we get that one right, once we understand our history, once we understand the fact that we need one another, and that if we are not united, there will be problems ahead of us.”

Olafeso further emphasized the urgency of addressing prevailing challenges in the country, citing concerns over dwindling economic prospects, rising poverty levels, and escalating insecurity under the current administration.

He urged support for the PDP’s vision of fostering prosperity and progress, affirming, “There’s no middle class anymore, there is poverty in the Land, there is insecurity. Then what else can we hope for but for the support of the people that will make the PDP’s dream of creating prosperity for this country happen as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, Hon Tola Alabere, the state party chairman, urged media aides to uphold the party’s values and refrain from divisive actions that could undermine unity among aspirants.

Alabere emphasized the pivotal role of media aides in fostering cohesion and solidarity within the party, cautioning against activities that could fuel internal discord or sabotage collective aspirations.

He stressed, “The roles all of you are playing today is not geared towards bringing the aspirants together. What you write on social media platforms are not geared towards strengthening the party.”

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