Oyo State Government Seals Church Over Noise Pollution Violation

In a decisive move, the Oyo State Government sealed a branch of Christ Life Church situated in Golden Estate, Oluyole, Ibadan. The Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources, Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola, revealed the government’s action on Friday, emphasizing the necessity to address persistent complaints from residents regarding noise pollution.


Mogbonjubola clarified that the sealing of the church became imperative due to the church’s repeated disregard for regulations, despite the ministry’s efforts to mediate between complainants, neighboring residents, and the church’s management. He noted that the government had exhausted various steps to resolve the issue, leaving no alternative but to seal the church premises.


The Commissioner highlighted that the ministry had received numerous complaints about the church’s activities causing incessant noise disturbances. After conducting assessments, officials recorded an average sound level of 74 decibels during praise and worship, surpassing the stipulated 65 decibels limit for residential areas during the daytime, as per the Extant Environmental Regulations of 2023, Section 58, paragraph (b).


Efforts to address the issue included a resolution meeting on November 29, 2023, where the church declined to sign an undertaking letter, citing the need for approval from its headquarters. Despite giving the church an extension until December 4, 2023, for compliance, the government opted to seal the church due to its continued disobedience to noise pollution regulations.


The government’s action aims to prevent further escalation of tensions between residents and the church, underscoring the commitment to enforce environmental regulations and ensure the well-being of the community.

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