Outrage as Chinese Supermarket in Abuja Bars Nigerians Entry

The management of a Chinese supermarket located in Abuja has faced severe criticism after reports surfaced that Nigerians were denied entry into the facility. Situated at the China General Chamber of Commerce along Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road, the supermarket has enforced a policy restricting entry exclusively to individuals of Chinese descent, sparking outrage among residents.

A video shared on X Daily captured a resident expressing dismay over being denied access to the supermarket solely because of their nationality. The individual lamented the discriminatory policy, questioning its validity and expressing disbelief that such practices could occur in Nigeria.

Social media users echoed similar sentiments, with Uncle Deji and Otunba AbdulFattah sharing their experiences of being turned away from the premises. Despite attempts to verify the claim, security personnel at the supermarket confirmed that the management had indeed implemented the directive since the beginning of the year, without providing any reasons for the decision.

The policy has stirred controversy and condemnation, with Whitney Ukanga describing it as “absolutely horrible and absurd.” Concerns have been raised about the encroachment of such discriminatory practices on Nigerian soil.

During a visit to the supermarket, our correspondent was allowed entry, albeit with reluctance from the security officers, who cited the day being Sunday as the reason for granting access. However, the attendant at the grocery store confirmed that Nigerians are generally not permitted to enter, stating that only individuals working on the premises are allowed to shop.

Efforts to obtain official explanations from the management were unsuccessful, as both security personnel and staff declined to provide contact information for fear of reprisal. Despite attempts to reach out to relevant authorities for comment, including the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, official responses were not forthcoming.

In response to the allegations, the Senior Public Relations Officer of the Commission, Nicholas Utsalo, refrained from commenting, citing protocol that requires the Executive Vice Chairman to address such matters. However, assurances were given that an investigation into the allegations would be conducted, with requests made for access to video footage to aid in the process.


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