Outcry Over Deplorable Conditions at UNN Hostel Sparks Student Outrage

Justus, known as LordJustusN on social media, has ignited a firestorm of criticism after exposing the appalling state of Eni Njọkụ Hostel at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). In a video shared online, Justus expressed shock and dismay at the squalid conditions he encountered during a visit to inspect his cousin’s assigned room.

“My cousin is supposed to resume school at UNN. He paid for the hostel, and I went there today to check it out,” Justus lamented in his post. “This is what I saw. Eni Njọkụ Hostel. When I asked, they said it’s not swine that lives there. I don’t know who to curse, but u are cursed!”

The situation took a bizarre turn when Justus discovered that his cousin’s room was locked while others were open. Upon inquiry, he learned that the locked room was reserved for officials of the Student Union, suggesting preferential treatment for certain occupants.

The revelation sparked a wave of testimonies from current students and alumni who shared their own harrowing experiences of living in the hostel. Urch d’ billionaire, a former UNN student, revealed that the deplorable conditions force many students to seek alternative accommodation off-campus. “That room you’re seeing might end up having up to 14 guys in it,” Urch lamented.

Supporting Justus’s claims, alZ and Emeka Ikeche reminisced about their own encounters with the hostel’s dismal living conditions, echoing sentiments of neglect and decay. Emma.Ai, who chose to forgo admission to UNN after a brief stay in the hostel, emphasized the deterrent effect of the substandard accommodations on prospective students.

Chidozie, also known as #okorochidozie1, provided firsthand insights into the deteriorating state of the hostel, particularly on the ground floor. He recounted his own struggles as a first-year student and emphasized the urgent need for UNN to improve students’ welfare by addressing the deplorable conditions.


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