Ousted Ex-Deputy Governor of Edo State Refuses to Relinquish Campaign Vehicles, Denounces Critics

Philip Shaibu, the ousted ex-Deputy Governor of Edo State, recently opened up about his impeachment, shedding light on the political landscape of the state, the influence of godfathers, and the contentious issue of campaign vehicles allocated during his tenure.

In a candid discussion, Shaibu acknowledged the existence of the vehicles in question – two Prado SUVs, one Hilux, and the Land Cruiser – but introduced a fresh perspective on why he might not be willing to relinquish them. He characterized those requesting their return as lacking compassion, highlighting the complexities of the situation.

Shaibu’s remarks shed light on the broader political dynamics at play in Edo State, where power struggles and the influence of godfathers have long been significant factors. His refusal to surrender the campaign vehicles reflects a stance against what he perceives as unjust treatment and a lack of empathy from his detractors.

“The vehicles they are referring to are the two Prado SUVs, one Hilux, and the Land Cruiser. I took all those vehicles… So, you can see how heartless men can be,” Shaibu stated, emphasizing the personal toll of the situation.

Shaibu’s stance adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing discourse surrounding his impeachment and the political climate in Edo State. As discussions continue, his refusal to yield to pressure regarding the campaign vehicles underscores his resolve and challenges prevailing perceptions within the state’s political landscape.


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