Osun State Governor Alerts of Impending Attacks on Schools and Farms

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has issued a warning regarding potential attacks on schools and farm settlements in rural communities across the state. In a statement signed by his spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, the governor expressed concern over plans by criminals to disrupt his administration’s infrastructure initiatives and instil fear among residents.

Adeleke disclosed that intelligence reports indicated a deliberate mobilization of criminal elements to rural areas, with a focus on disrupting farming activities through kidnappings and attacks on farm settlements. Additionally, schools are targeted to undermine the implementation of the Safe School initiative and infrastructure development projects.

In response to the imminent threat, the governor convened a meeting of the state security council to coordinate preventive measures and ensure the safety of citizens. Adeleke emphasized the importance of proactive steps, directing school authorities to enhance security measures and clear overgrown environments to safeguard students and pupils.

Furthermore, the governor instructed the Food Security Committee to submit an interim report to enhance farm security and protect farmers, especially with the approaching rainy season. Adeleke emphasized the need for practical measures, including closer collaboration with local hunters and forest rangers.

In addition to addressing security concerns, Adeleke announced plans to reform the Amotekun security force to enhance efficiency and complement the efforts of existing security agencies. He pledged to uphold peace and harmony in Osun State, reassuring residents of his administration’s commitment to safeguarding schools, farms, and communities.


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