Operation Delta Safe Uncovers Over 50 Illegal Crude Oil Refining Sites in Bayelsa

The Joint Task Force, Operation Delta Safe, has made significant strides in combating illegal crude oil refining in the Biseni area of Yenagoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State. Commander John Okeke led the operation, uncovering more than 50 illegal refining sites where stolen crude oil was being processed.

Okeke emphasized that warnings had been issued to oil thieves in the area to cease illegal refining activities or relocate. Although no arrests were made, Okeke urged the public to provide useful information to help combat the illegal business, highlighting the importance of community involvement in tackling such activities.

During the operation, a large open pit capable of accommodating over 10 trucks of Alternative Gas Oil was discovered. This pit served as a storage facility for stolen crude oil, which was then distributed to the refining sites.

Okeke stressed the determination of Operation Delta Safe to pursue oil thieves relentlessly, indicating that more drastic measures may be employed in the future. He described the ongoing efforts as a “clearance action” aimed at curbing illicit activities in the region.

The extent of the illegal refining operations surprised authorities, with thieves utilizing sophisticated techniques, including theft lines connected directly to oil supply lines on the road. The discovery was made possible through the cooperation of individuals who provided crucial information to the JTF.

Okeke expressed concern about the detrimental impact of illicit oil activities on the country’s economy, emphasizing the need for decisive action to safeguard legitimate businesses and government revenue. He reaffirmed Operation Delta Safe’s commitment to addressing the challenge and vowed to continue the fight against illegal crude oil refining.


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