Ondo State Governor Asserts No Vacancy in Alagbaka Government House Amidst Disqualification Concerns

Governor Mr. Lucky Ayedatiwa of Ondo State has firmly rebuffed attempts to disqualify him from the upcoming governorship election, declaring unequivocally that there is no vacancy in the Government House in Alagbaka. His resolute statement comes in response to recent scrutiny regarding his high school certificate, which he attributes to misinformation and ignorance.

Following his successful emergence from the screening of Ondo State All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirants at the national party secretariat in Abuja, Governor Ayedatiwa addressed concerns raised about the authenticity of his certificates. He asserted that all documents submitted were thoroughly vetted, affirming the legitimacy of his credentials and dismissing allegations of forgery.

The governor clarified that the controversy surrounding his high school certificate stemmed from a misunderstanding of historical context. He elucidated that the school in question, Ikosi High School, was established in 1980 under the administration of Lateef Jakande, Governor of Lagos State at the time. Contrary to skepticism, Governor Ayedatiwa explained that he completed his WASSCE in 1982 as part of the inaugural class at Ikosi High School, after his previous private school was absorbed into the government system.

In addressing his detractors, Governor Ayedatiwa urged them to desist from undermining the democratic process with baseless accusations and instead focus on constructive engagement. He emphasized the need for opponents to respect the integrity of the electoral system and engage in fair competition rather than resorting to smear tactics.

However, Chief Olusola Oke, one of the aspirants vying for the governorship position, challenged the governor’s assertion of no vacancy in Government House. Oke dismissed the statement as a common refrain from incumbents and emphasized the democratic principle of open competition. He acknowledged that while there may not be an immediate vacancy, Governor Ayedatiwa’s term will expire in a year, paving the way for a democratic transition.

The ongoing screening process for APC governorship aspirants underscores the party’s commitment to transparency and fairness in candidate selection. With the Appeals Committee poised to review the screening outcomes, the party seeks to uphold the integrity of the electoral process and ensure that only qualified candidates proceed to the primary election.

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