NLC President Decries Rising Economic Hardship in Nigeria

At the 11th quadrennial delegates conference of the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria in Abuja, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, expressed deep concern over the increasing economic hardship in Nigeria, stating that Nigerians have resorted to scavenging for food due to the dire situation.

Ajaero highlighted incidents of attacks and looting of warehouses and food trucks, underscoring the desperation faced by many amidst the rising cost of living crisis. He pointed out instances such as the looting of food items from trucks in Suleja, Niger State, and the confirmed looting of a warehouse in the Federal Capital Territory.

The NLC president emphasized the government’s responsibility to fulfill its promises and duties to the people, urging it to address the plight of Nigerians instead of turning a deaf ear to their pleas. He criticized government policies that have exacerbated poverty and stripped people of their dignity, leading to situations where hunger drives individuals to raid food trucks and warehouses.

Ajaero cautioned that unless urgent action is taken to address the root causes of economic hardship, such incidents of looting and desperation may escalate. He reaffirmed the NLC’s commitment to advocating for the greater good of the people, stating that threats and violence would not deter their mission.

Meanwhile, the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria called on the federal government to remove impediments hindering healthcare workers from seeking opportunities abroad. The union highlighted the deteriorating state of healthcare infrastructure and the inadequate remuneration of workers, stressing the need for better working conditions to retain skilled professionals in the sector.

Dr. Kabiru Minjibir, the Acting National President of MHWUN, lamented the challenges faced by health workers in Nigeria, including the lack of essential equipment and an enabling work environment. Despite these obstacles, health workers remain dedicated to serving their country, albeit with frustration over the systemic issues plaguing the healthcare system.


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