Nine Arrested in Firework Attack Near Paris Olympics Venues

French police have arrested nine individuals in connection with a firework attack on a police station near major venues for the upcoming Paris Olympics, announced Paris police chief Laurent Nunez on Monday.

The attack occurred late Sunday in the northern suburb of La Courneuve, with approximately 50 individuals launching firework mortar shots at the police station. Videos circulating on social media depicted groups firing fireworks at the building’s facade.

La Courneuve, situated in Paris’ northern suburbs, is in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, which hosts Olympic venues including the Stade de France stadium. Nunez stated that the attack could be linked to the recent death of an 18-year-old named Wanys R., who was killed in a car chase with police last Wednesday.

The arrested suspects include seven adults aged 18-21 and two minors. Two police officers sustained minor injuries during the attack. In response, police reinforcements will be deployed in the area.

The incident involving Wanys R. sparked controversy, with a widely shared video suggesting that his scooter was deliberately struck by a police car during the chase, resulting in his death. While Wanys’ family lawyer accused the police of intentional harm, the officers’ representative argued it was an accident.


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