NIMC Unveils New National Identification Number Card with Enhanced Features

In response to the Federal Government’s recent announcement regarding the forthcoming release of new National Identification Numbers (NIN) in Nigeria, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has offered additional insights into the proposed ID system.

According to a statement issued by the Head of Corporate Communications, Kayode Adegoke, the new National ID Card is set to revolutionize identification processes in the country by introducing a single, comprehensive, and versatile solution known as the General Multipurpose Card (GMPC). This innovative card aims to streamline identification requirements, eliminating the necessity for multiple cards.

The GMPC is designed to serve various purposes, including facilitating payments and financial transactions, accessing government services and interventions, and enabling seamless travel experiences. To ensure the functionality of the card for financial transactions, NIMC is collaborating with the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System.

The card will operate under the AFRIGO card scheme, an indigenous initiative powered by the NIBSS, further emphasizing Nigeria’s commitment to leveraging homegrown solutions for national development.

Prospective cardholders can apply for the GMPC by providing their NIN through the self-service online portal, NIMC offices, or their respective banks. The issuance process will adhere to established protocols for the issuance of debit/credit cards, with applicants receiving their cards through their affiliated banks. Additionally, individuals have the option to collect their cards from designated centers or request delivery to a preferred location, albeit at an extra cost borne by the applicants.

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