Nigerian Soldier Calls for Justice After Tragic Deaths of Military Personnel in Delta

Amidst grief and outrage over the brutal killings of military personnel during a peacekeeping mission in Delta State, a Nigerian soldier, identified as Egitanghan G, has passionately advocated for justice and retribution.

In a heartfelt video shared on his TikTok handle, Egitanghan, hailing from Delta State himself, expressed profound sorrow and indignation at the derogatory remarks directed towards the fallen soldiers. Speaking in pidgin English, he underscored the sacrifices made by soldiers nationwide, including his own experiences in Maiduguri, where he fought tirelessly to protect the country.

Egitanghan lamented the lack of recognition for soldiers who lay down their lives in service, particularly in the North, contrasting it with the callous disregard shown towards the slain soldiers in Delta State. He vehemently rejected the notion of forgiveness for those responsible for the deaths, emphasizing the need for swift retribution.

Asserting his readiness to participate in any operation seeking to avenge the fallen soldiers, Egitanghan admonished those who perpetrate violence to remember the families left behind and the prayers of loved ones for their safety.

The tragic incident, which claimed the lives of a Nigerian Army commander, three officers, and 12 soldiers from the 181 Amphibious Battalion, occurred during a peacekeeping mission in Bomadi Local Government of Delta State. The gruesome nature of the killings, with reports of severed heads and missing vital organs, has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for justice.


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