Nigerian Immigration Service Clarifies Passport Renewal Requirements Amidst Concerns

The Nigerian Immigration Service has responded to recent concerns regarding the passport renewal process, particularly the requirement for proof of state of origin, emphasizing the rationale behind the documentation requirements.

The clarification follows a tweet by Tayo Oviosu expressing frustration over the alleged necessity of obtaining a letter from one’s state of origin for passport renewal. Oviosu questioned the practicality of such a policy, especially for individuals with limited ties to their states of origin.

In response, the Immigration Service acknowledged the concern and clarified that physical travel to one’s state of origin is not mandatory for obtaining the indigenship document. Instead, liaison offices of most states are empowered to issue such documents, facilitating accessibility for applicants across the country.

Emphasizing the importance of the documentation requirements, the Immigration Service stated that every requirement is carefully considered and legally supported by government laws and policies. The aim is to ensure that passport applicants can prove beyond reasonable doubt their Nigerian citizenship, as mandated by the Nigerian Constitution.

The Service underscored the significance of authenticating applicants’ claims of citizenship by providing documentation tying them to a local government within the country. This requirement is part of a broader effort to uphold the integrity and security of the passport issuance process.

While acknowledging the complexity of the process, the Immigration Service urged applicants to familiarize themselves with relevant constitutional provisions regarding citizenship for clarity.


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