Nigeria Witnesses Significant Decrease in Terrorism-Related Deaths and AK-47 Availability, Says National Security Adviser

Nuhu Ribadu, the National Security Adviser, has announced a notable decline in terrorism-related fatalities and the availability of AK-47 rifles in Nigeria. Speaking at the High-Level African Counter-Terrorism meeting in Abuja, Ribadu highlighted the progress made in Nigeria’s fight against terrorism.

Ribadu revealed that the number of deaths attributed to terrorism in Nigeria has plummeted from 2,600 to less than 200 per month. Additionally, he noted a significant increase in the price of AK-47 rifles, with costs soaring from less than N1 million to over N5 million in the past year. This surge in price reflects the reduced availability of these weapons, indicating successful efforts to curtail their circulation.

He emphasized the government’s commitment to removing AK-47 rifles from circulation and destroying them, contributing to the decrease in violent crimes and armed conflicts across the country. Ribadu attributed the positive outcomes to the collective efforts of security agencies, armed forces, and state governors, acknowledging their contributions to Nigeria’s security landscape.

While these achievements may not always be readily apparent to the public, Ribadu expressed gratitude to the armed forces, security agencies, and governors for their dedication and commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Nigerians.

Earlier reports from February highlighted Ribadu’s call for security agencies to adopt a comprehensive approach addressing the root causes of security challenges in Nigeria. This holistic and forward-looking approach is crucial for sustaining the progress achieved and mitigating future security threats.


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