NERC Orders Transfer of Electricity Market Oversight to Enugu State Regulatory Commission

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has announced the transfer of regulatory oversight of the electricity market in Enugu State to the Enugu State Electricity Regulatory Commission (EERC), in compliance with the amended Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Electricity Act 2023.

According to a statement on NERC’s website, the transfer aligns with the Electricity Act, which designates NERC as the central regulator with oversight over inter-state/international generation, transmission, supply, trading, and system operations.

The Government of Enugu State initiated the process by formally notifying NERC and requesting the transfer of regulatory authority over intrastate electricity operations. As a result, NERC issued an order outlining the provisions for the transfer.

Key directives outlined in the order include:

1. Directing Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC to establish a subsidiary (EEDC SubCo) responsible for intrastate supply and distribution of electricity in Enugu State.
2. Requiring EEDC to complete the incorporation of EEDC SubCo within 60 days from April 22, 2024.
3. Mandating the sub-company to apply for and obtain a license for intrastate supply and distribution of electricity from EERC.
4. Setting a deadline for all transfers to be completed by October 22, 2024.


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