NCC Assures Swift Restoration of Internet Connectivity Following Submarine Cable Cuts

The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) has provided assurance that efforts are underway to restore internet connectivity after several African internet service providers experienced severe outages due to submarine cable cuts.

According to Reuben Muoka, the Director of Public Affairs at NCC, cable operators are actively engaged in restoring connectivity following disruptions caused by incidents in Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal, which subsequently affected operations in Portugal.

The affected submarine cables include West African Cable System, African Coast to Europe, SAT3, and MainOne, all of which experienced downtime. Additionally, other undersea cable routes, such as Seacom, Europe India Gateway, and Asia-Africa-Europe 1, were also impacted by cuts.

The NCC acknowledged the frustrations expressed by subscribers regarding difficulties in making phone calls and accessing online services, assuring the public that repair efforts are underway and services are gradually being restored.

Operators have committed to working tirelessly to ensure that affected countries regain connectivity in the shortest possible time.

MTN Nigeria, one of the affected operators, has also acknowledged the situation and pledged to resolve the issue promptly.

This recent disruption comes after a similar incident a few weeks ago, where major operators in Nigeria faced network connection issues due to significant fibre cuts caused by road construction activities.

The Chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), Gbenga Adebayo, highlighted efforts being made by affected operators to rectify the situation and restore connectivity across the country.

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