National Union of Electricity Employees Calls for Reversal of Electricity Tariff Hike

The National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) has demanded the reversal of the recent increase in electricity tariffs, warning of potential action if the hike is not rolled back. In a statement signed by its National President, Mr. Adebiyi Adeyeye, the union expressed its concerns over the impact of the tariff hike, particularly on those heavily reliant on electricity for their daily needs.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) raised the electricity tariff for customers enjoying 20 hours of power supply daily, classified under Band A. This increase will see them paying N225 per kilowatt-hour, up from the previous N66.

Adeyeye emphasized that the tariff hike would disproportionately affect the less privileged segments of society, exacerbating existing inequalities. He argued for government subsidies on electricity, citing examples from advanced countries where such subsidies are common practice.

The statement highlighted how countries like Germany and the United States provide subsidies to support renewable energy resources and assist low-income households with electricity bills. Adeyeye condemned the tariff hike as a disregard for the economic struggles of Nigerian workers, calling for immediate action to reverse it.

The NUEE warned of potential action, including the withdrawal of its members expected to be used by distribution companies to implement the tariff hike, to protect the livelihoods of its members. The union called upon all Nigerians to join in raising their voices against the injustice and urged the government to prioritize the well-being of citizens over corporate interests.


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