Moghalu Defends Support for Tinubu’s Government Amid Criticism

Former presidential candidate of the Young Progressive Party in the 2019 general elections, Kingsley Moghalu, has stood firm in his recent comments endorsing the success of President Bola Tinubu’s government, despite facing backlash from certain quarters.

In response to a statement by humanist Dr. Aloy Chife on April 26, expressing the sentiment that ‘true’ Nigerians would wish for Tinubu’s government to succeed, Moghalu affirmed his agreement with the position, emphasizing the paramount importance of Nigeria’s interest above partisan differences.

Addressing criticism from various quarters, Moghalu reiterated his non-partisan stance and unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s progress. He emphasized that governance must continue regardless of electoral outcomes, underscoring the necessity for tangible results benefiting Nigeria’s populace.

Clarifying his withdrawal from partisan politics since late 2022, Moghalu emphasized his independence of thought and action, asserting that his choices are personal and without apology to anyone.

Expressing his desire for Nigeria’s success irrespective of leadership, Moghalu highlighted his contributions and sacrifices towards national advancement, emphasizing his active engagement beyond social media rhetoric.

Acknowledging the rights of citizens to voice grievances over election outcomes, particularly the 2023 presidential elections, Moghalu stressed the importance of maturity in understanding that democracy involves multiple perspectives and avenues for engagement.


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