Minister of Power Unveils Plan to Boost Power Generation to 6000 Megawatts

The Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has revealed plans to increase power generation in Nigeria from 4000 Megawatts to 6000 Megawatts, leveraging hydro and solar plants. Adelabu made this announcement during a visit by members of the Senate Committee on Power to the ministry in Abuja on Monday.

Adelabu expressed concern over the current electricity generation capacity, emphasizing the need for infrastructure maintenance to maximize potential. He lamented that despite existing infrastructure, power generation was stagnant, with the highest output standing at only 5800 megawatts.

“The infrastructure is lying there, without adequate maintenance, the turbines are rusting away. With proper investment put in place, we can generate 6000 megawatts before the end of 2024,” Adelabu stated.

Furthermore, the minister outlined plans to revamp Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos), highlighting their critical role in the power supply chain. Adelabu stressed that the performance of DisCos directly impacts the overall efficiency of the power sector. To improve performance, the government plans to restructure DisCos along state lines for better accountability and effectiveness.

“We are putting pressure on the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to ensure that the DisCos sit up and if they have to withdraw their licenses for not performing, why not? We are unbundling the DisCos along state lines as some of them are too big for efficiency and effectiveness,” Adelabu explained.

He emphasized the need for greater government involvement in the management of the power sector, advocating for a shift from excessive reliance on the private sector. Adelabu also disclosed plans to franchise DisCos to encourage smaller entities willing to invest in the sector.

In response, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, Chairman of the Committee, underscored the importance of oversight to address challenges facing the power sector. He noted the committee’s invitation to the ministry for an investigative hearing on tariff increases scheduled for April 29.

Abaribe emphasized the committee’s commitment to addressing issues related to electricity supply and grid stability, ensuring transparency and accountability in the sector’s operations.

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