Minister of Education Reveals Bursary Awards Beneficiaries and Scholarship Statistics

During the first quarterly meeting of the Federal Ministry of Education, Minister of Education, Prof. Tahir Mamman, disclosed that a total of 2,889 students studying education-related courses in Nigerian higher institutions have received N75,000 bursary awards. These awards were initiated following an invitation for applications from qualified students in 2022.

The bursary scheme was announced by the Federal Government during the commemoration of World Teachers Day in 2021, with students in public universities undergoing degree programs in Education eligible for N75,000 per semester, while those in the Nigeria Certificate in Education program eligible for N50,000 per semester. Mamman emphasized that 2,889 students have benefited from the scheme thus far.

Additionally, Mamman shared statistics from other schemes under the Federal Scholarship Board. These include 345 individuals as beneficiaries of the Bilateral Education Agreement scholarship, 51 recipients of the Commonwealth scholarship, 2,122 beneficiaries under the Nigerian Scholarship Award, and 724 beneficiaries under the Teachers Internship Scheme.

Minister of State for Education, Tanko Sununu, highlighted that the quarterly citizenship engagement aimed to create awareness of the ministry’s activities, foster mutual understanding with stakeholders and citizens, build and sustain public trust, and enhance transparency and accountability in the sector. He emphasized the engagement’s goal to improve efficiency and streamline government operations by identifying and addressing bottlenecks.

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