Lagos PDP Chairman Advocates for State Police to Combat Insecurity

The Chairman of the Lagos State People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Philip Aivoji, has emphasized the potential of adopting state police as a significant measure in reducing the nation’s insecurity challenges. Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, Aivoji addressed the ongoing constitutional amendment by the National Assembly, particularly focusing on the proposed creation of state police.

Aivoji expressed confidence that implementing state police could effectively tackle many of the internal security issues plaguing the country, provided it is well managed by the respective states. He highlighted the familiarity of local personnel with their environments, suggesting that this knowledge could enhance policing efforts and improve community relations.

Acknowledging concerns about potential abuse of state police powers by state governors, Aivoji noted that such apprehensions have contributed to the delay in accepting the concept. However, he stressed that the benefits of state police outweigh the drawbacks, particularly considering the existing challenges faced with federal police, which have at times been allegedly used for political motives.

In addressing fears of state police manipulation during elections, Aivoji emphasized the importance of ensuring a robust electoral system. He asserted that if managed properly, state police could effectively mitigate security threats, offering a viable alternative to traditional policing methods.

Despite advocating for state police, Aivoji also called for the reinforcement of existing federal police structures to enhance overall policing effectiveness.

Aivoji’s remarks come at a time when Nigeria is grappling with escalating insecurity, including cases of kidnapping and violent crimes across various states. His perspective adds to the ongoing discourse surrounding security reform in the country.

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