Labour Party Chairman Alleges Infiltration of Obidient Movement by Saboteurs

The National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure, expressed concern on Wednesday that the ruling oligarchy and suspected saboteurs have infiltrated the Obidient Movement with the intent to undermine the party. Abure raised this alarm during a press conference at the party’s secretariat in Abuja.

The Obidient Movement, which emerged in the lead-up to the 2023 general elections, consists mainly of young Nigerians who support LP Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, seeing him as a beacon of hope for a new Nigeria. The movement played a significant role in the Labour Party’s impressive performance in the February 25 presidential and national legislative elections. Currently, the LP boasts one elected governor, 35 members of the House of Representatives, and seven senators.

Abure, however, noted a troubling shift in the behavior of some Obidient members, suggesting that external forces might be attempting to destabilize the movement. “I also want to appeal to the Obidient movement to remain in the party and be patient to learn the rudiments of politics. It is also my appeal that they should endeavor to find time to read the Constitution of the party, the Electoral Act, and the 1999 Constitution,” Abure said, emphasizing the importance of informed participation in the party’s activities.

He acknowledged that while some complaints from Obidient members are valid, many stem from individuals who feel they have not been fully integrated into the party. To address these issues, Abure announced the creation of a dedicated directorate to manage the concerns and integration of Obidient members.

The new directorate aims to streamline the registration of members and their full integration into the party’s structure. It will also facilitate Diaspora participation, handle complaints, coordinate the collection of dues and donations, and ensure that all Obidients are financially contributing members. The directorate will work closely with the National Youth Leader, National Women Leader, and National Organizing Secretary to develop programs that effectively assimilate all members of the Obidient family into the party.

Abure underscored the necessity for unity within the party, urging all members to set aside their differences and work together for the greater good of the party and Nigerians. “As the national leader of the party, Mr. Peter Obi, said, the national convention has come and gone. It is therefore imperative for us to put our differences aside and collectively work in the interest of the party and Nigerians who are currently suffering amid plenty,” he stated.


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