Kwara State Government Task Force Cracks Down on Fuel Hoarding, Assures Public of Adequate Supply

The Kwara State Government Task Force embarked on a raid of several filling stations in the Ilorin metropolis on Monday, aiming to tackle the issue of fuel scarcity and prevent hoarding, which exacerbates hardships for the masses. Led by Chief of Staff Government House Prince Mahe Abdulkadir, the task force emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring that citizens benefit from democracy’s dividends.

“We observed that the major marketers are doing their best so far because we checked their pits,” Abdulkadir stated during the exercise, underscoring the importance of vigilance in addressing fuel shortages. He urged the public to refrain from panic-buying, reassuring them that the federal government has no plans to raise fuel prices and affirming the state’s determination to prevent any exploitation of consumers.

Filling stations inspected included Total Energies at Post Office Area, Rainoil Filling Station Asa Dam, NNPC Gerin Alimi, Total Energies Surulere, NNPC Surulere, and MRS Filling Station Oja-Oba, all located within the Ilorin metropolis. The task force called for proper organization of customers at fuel stations to maintain orderliness and prevent chaos.

During the inspections, it was confirmed that Rainoil Filling Station Asa Dam, NNPC Gerin Alimi, and NNPC Surulere had sufficient fuel stocks, and the team encouraged them to continue selling in an orderly manner. Some station managers pledged to avoid hoarding fuel, acknowledging the state’s interest in ensuring a steady supply for its citizens.

Motorists queued at filling stations expressed relief at the government’s intervention and appealed for continued monitoring to prevent hoarding and alleviate the hardships caused by fuel scarcity in the state. The task force, comprising government officials and security agents, reiterated its commitment to ensuring a fair distribution of fuel across the state.

The ongoing fuel crisis in Nigeria has led to prolonged queues at filling stations, with some stations reportedly selling petrol at inflated prices, ranging between N700 and N800. The Kwara State Government’s proactive measures aim to address these challenges and alleviate the burden on the populace.


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