Kwara State Government Denies Involvement in Ex-Governor’s Corruption Trial

Amidst swirling allegations, the Kwara State Government has firmly refuted accusations of orchestrating the ongoing corruption trial of former Governor Ahmed Abdulfatah.

In a resolute declaration, the ruling APC government emphasized its unwavering dedication to governance, dismissing any insinuations of targeted persecution. Kwara State Commissioner for Communications, Bola Olukoju, asserted in a statement on Thursday that the trial of the former governor falls within the purview of anti-graft agencies, signaling their independent pursuit of justice following meticulous investigations into various transactions linked to his tenure.

Olukoju condemned accusations leveled by the opposition party as devoid of substance and condemned attempts to adjudicate matters in the public arena rather than through due legal process. He stressed the administration’s commitment to pressing matters of governance, lamenting the diversion of resources intended for essential initiatives, such as the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) funds, allegedly misappropriated during the previous administration’s tenure.

The statement underscored the adverse impact of such malfeasance, citing the blacklisting of Kwara by UBEC and the resultant setback in crucial sectors like education infrastructure. Despite grappling with the repercussions of past mismanagement, the current administration has prioritized remedial action, securing and disbursing UBEC counterpart funds for multiple years to address infrastructure deficiencies in over 600 educational facilities across the state.

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