Kenya Deports Nigerian National Involved in Gender-Based Violence Incident

Kenya has taken action by deporting a Nigerian man, John Nwankwo Noko, caught on CCTV camera assaulting a Kenyan woman, in a move to address concerns regarding Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

A Joint Press Release issued on Saturday by the Republic of Kenya’s Ministry of Gender, Culture, The Arts and Heritage State Department for Gender and Affirmative Action announced Noko’s deportation, co-signed by Anne Wang’ombe, Principal Secretary of the State Department of Gender, and Senator Gloria Orwoba. The release highlighted the broader issues of gender-based violence in society, emphasizing the violation of individual rights.

The incident came to light when Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba reported the matter to the police after viewing a viral video on social media showing Noko physically assaulting his Kenyan partner, who is confined to a wheelchair. The woman expressed fear for her life, stating that Noko had threatened to kill her and her domestic workers if they reported him. As a result, Orwoba escalated the issue to authorities, leading to Noko’s arrest and subsequent deportation.

Senator Orwoba, a vocal advocate against violence towards women, emphasized the need to address rising cases of gender-based violence, highlighting the physical and emotional damage inflicted on victims and its detrimental impact on society’s moral fabric.

Meanwhile, Kenya also deported five Nigerian nationals allegedly involved in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking. The Directorate of Immigration Services deported Olayiwola Saheed Tunde, Nwosu Prince Chukwuebuka, Ajibade Adewale, Nwanonaku Alexander Odirachukwumma, and Olayiwola Babatunde Akintomwawere on March 18, 2024. The Immigration department reported that some of these individuals had previously re-entered the country after being deported in 2023, becoming a nuisance to the public and law enforcement.


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