Jigawa Government Allocates Over N1.4 Billion for Mosque Construction and Renovation

In a move aimed at bolstering religious infrastructure, the Jigawa Government has given its nod to a budget exceeding N1.4 billion. This substantial fund is earmarked for the construction and renovation of mosques across the state, as well as the fencing of graveyards in 30 constituencies. Mr. Sagir Musa, the Commissioner for Information, Youths, Sport, and Culture, made the announcement in Dutse, highlighting that the State Executive Council approved the allocation. Additionally, part of the budget will be utilized for the construction of palaces for District Heads.

The approved budget of N1.4 billion is designated for 2023 Constituency Projects, reflecting the government’s commitment to enhancing religious infrastructure and community spaces. Beyond the immediate impact on worship facilities, the decision is poised to contribute positively to community development, underscoring the significance of religious institutions in the state.

As the Jigawa Government allocates a substantial budget for mosque construction and renovation, the move is anticipated to have far-reaching implications for both religious and community development. The decision reflects a commitment to creating an enriched living environment, fostering cultural growth, and uplifting the overall infrastructure of the state.

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