House of Representatives Dismisses Speaker’s Alleged Criticism of Petroleum Industry Act

The House of Representatives has refuted recent comments reportedly made by Speaker Abbas Tajudeen regarding the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), emphasizing that the remarks attributed to him were misinterpreted and do not reflect the official stance of the House.

The Speaker’s purported statement, which suggested a correlation between the lack of investment in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector and the rejection of the PIA, was clarified by House spokesman Akin Rotimi. Rotimi clarified that the comments were actually made by Cyril Hart, who represented the Speaker at the Society of Petroleum Engineers 2024 Oloibiri Lecture Series and Energy Forum in Abuja.

In an official statement issued on Wednesday, Rotimi stressed that Hart’s remarks were his personal views and not representative of the Speaker or the entire House of Representatives. Rotimi further emphasized the diversity of opinions within the House and reiterated the institution’s commitment to constructive dialogue and engagement on matters of national interest.

The statement highlighted the significance of the PIA as a milestone achievement in reforming Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and efficiency in resource management. Despite concerns raised by some stakeholders, Rotimi asserted that the PIA has garnered substantial support from industry experts, international partners, and investors, acknowledging its potential to drive sustainable development and growth in the energy sector.

While acknowledging the existence of concerns regarding certain provisions or implementation mechanisms of the PIA, the House reaffirmed its commitment to overseeing its effective implementation and making necessary amendments to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders. Rotimi underscored the importance of constructive dialogue in addressing these concerns, rather than resorting to blanket assertions.


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