Fuel Scarcity Paralyzes Transport in Ilorin, Kwara State

The transport situation in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, took a turn for the worse on Sunday as scarcity of petrol forced both commercial and private vehicles off the roads. With only a few filling stations selling fuel, long queues of vehicles were observed at those that were operational.

The scarcity led to a spike in fuel prices, reaching nearly N1,000 per litre, a significant increase from the N750 per litre price seen on Friday when the scarcity began. Stations such as Shafa at Geri Alimi, Rainoil, and Amorry on Asa Dam Road, NIPCO at Sawmill, and MKJ at Murtala Mohammed Road were among the few selling fuel.

Consequently, the number of vehicles plying the roads decreased, leaving many commuters stranded at bus terminals. In response, commercial vehicles hiked transport fares by 100%. Tricycle rides ranged between N300 and N500, while mini-buses charged between N200 and N400 per trip within the metropolis.

Interstate travel costs surged by about 150%, with a trip from Ilorin to Offa now costing N2,500, up from N1,200 previously, and Ilorin to Ogbomoso fare set at N1,500 per passenger.

Alhaja Halirat Aribidesi, a resident, expressed concern over the worsening transport situation, highlighting its impact on daily expenses. She appealed to the government to address the fuel scarcity and the fluctuating exchange rate to stabilize prices of goods in the market.


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