FIRS Celebrates Record Revenue Collection of N12.3 Trillion at Enugu International Trade Fair

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has announced a historic milestone in revenue collection, with an unprecedented achievement of N12.3 trillion in 2023. The Chief Executive of FIRS, Mr. Zacch Adedeji, delivered this remarkable news during the FIRS special day at the ongoing 35th Enugu International Trade Fair.

Represented by Mrs. Aisha Ribadu, a staff member of the organization, Adedeji attributed this remarkable success to the tireless efforts of the FIRS workforce and their commitment to excellence. He emphasized the importance of nurturing and empowering employees, ensuring they possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness in revenue collection.

Expressing gratitude to the Enugu State Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture (ECCIMA), Adedeji commended their choice of theme for the trade fair, “Promoting Made-in-Nigeria Products for Global Competitiveness.” He noted that this theme aligns with the collective aspiration to dominate not only the African market but also assert relevance on the global stage.

Adedeji highlighted the FIRS’ dedication to investing in human capital as a cornerstone of sustainable development. He underscored the transformative reforms initiated by the FIRS aimed at diversifying revenue sources and enhancing the overall taxpayer experience.

One such initiative mentioned by Adedeji is the Taxpromax Solutions, an innovative e-service platform designed to empower taxpayers to fulfill their obligations seamlessly from anywhere at any time.

In his welcome address, ECCIMA President Mr. Odeiga Jideonwo emphasized the importance of the FIRS’ special day in fostering closer engagement between the business community, the general public, and the FIRS. Represented by the first Deputy President, Nnanyereugo Onyemelukwe, Jideonwo stressed the need for collaboration between FIRS, other government agencies, and stakeholders in the private sector to redefine and streamline tax administration in the country.

Jideonwo commended FIRS for its various innovations aimed at voluntary compliance and expanding the tax network. He noted that these initiatives not only boost revenue but also provide opportunities for companies previously evading tax to join the FIRS database and contribute to national development in a fair and just manner.

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