Fire Ravages Makeshift Structures in Lagos, No Casualties Reported

on Sunday night, several makeshift structures in the Ikate-Elegushi area of Lekki, Lagos State, were engulfed in flames, causing panic among residents. The incident, which unfolded around the vicinity of Star Road by Horizon Heights, prompted a swift response from emergency services.

Margaret Adeseye, the Director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, confirmed the incident in a statement released on Monday. She detailed that the fire impacted residential makeshift structures spread across approximately an acre of land. The quick deployment of defensive firefighting tactics by the fire service personnel played a crucial role in halting the fire’s spread to nearby upscale properties.

The situation was fraught with danger as the fire involved 65 camp gas canisters, significantly increasing the risk of explosions. Despite the perilous conditions, Adeseye reported that there were fortunately no casualties. The absence of injuries or loss of life in such a potentially catastrophic event highlights the effectiveness of the emergency response.

Further investigation into the fire’s origin revealed it started from one of the shanties’ rooms behind an estate before spreading to adjacent structures. The collaborative efforts of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, estate fire department, and the Nigerian Police Force were instrumental in managing the crisis. Their rapid and coordinated actions ensured the safety of the area’s residents and prevented any further damage.

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