Federal Government Inaugurates Committee to Expedite Compensation for Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway Project

The Federal Government has taken a significant step towards expediting the construction of the N15 trillion Lagos-Calabar Coastal highway project by inaugurating a compensation verification committee. Led by the Minister of Works, Dave Umahi, the committee is tasked with reviewing, evaluating, and compensating landowners affected by the project.

Umahi, during the inauguration at the ministry headquarters in Abuja, directed the committee to complete all verification processes within 10 days, emphasizing the importance of transparency and adherence to legal procedures. He assured that verified claims would be settled promptly within 72 hours by the contractor, Hitech Construction Ltd.

The minister underscored the government’s commitment to transparency and fairness, stating that only property owners with proven titles would receive compensation. He clarified that shanties and properties within the 250-meter shoreline setback without federal government titles would not be compensated.

Umahi emphasized the importance of adhering to federal compensation rates, which are higher than those of the Lagos State Government, to ensure fairness in remuneration. He also highlighted the need for diligent verification processes and the requirement of a presidential waiver for cases with title discrepancies.

The committee, comprising representatives tasked with engaging affected property owners, assessing compensation details, and conducting site evaluations, will play a crucial role in facilitating the compensation process. Umahi stressed the committee’s responsibility to ensure compliance with legal requirements and adherence to federal compensation rates.


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