FCT Minister Nyesom Wike Condemns Land Developers’ Deceptive Practices

Federal Capital Territory Minister Nyesom Wike has decried the actions of a land developer in Abuja who allegedly abused him via text messages and accused him of being anti-Igbo.

In a recent interview with journalists, Wike expressed his frustration with the deceptive practices of land developers in the FCT. He recounted receiving insulting text messages from a developer who falsely claimed that Wike had vowed to deal with the Igbo community.

Wike vehemently denied the accusation, pointing out that the land in question was not allocated to the Igbo community. He criticized land grabbers who present themselves as developers to deceive the government and exploit loopholes in land allocation processes.

Addressing ongoing lawsuits against the FCTA, Wike emphasized the prevalence of impunity in the country and highlighted the challenges posed by fraudulent land transactions in the FCT. He revealed instances where developers attempted to illegally fence and allocate land despite ongoing disputes.

Wike stressed the need for transparency and adherence to due process in land allocation, emphasizing that illegal activities would no longer be tolerated under his leadership. He pledged to scrutinize developers’ financial capacity and development timelines to ensure accountability.

Regarding the legality of demolitions in the FCT, Wike defended the government’s actions, stating that developers who fail to utilize allocated land for intended purposes undermine revenue generation and economic development. He emphasized the government’s commitment to revoking land allocations from non-compliant developers and enforcing compliance with development terms.

Despite public outrage over demolition orders, Wike reaffirmed the FCTA’s determination to take action against defiant landowners who tamper with revoked land allocations. He emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and holding developers accountable for their actions.


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