Famous Socialite Fred Ajudua Released on Bail, Lawyer Decries Unlawful Detention

Renowned city socialite Fred Ajudua, who was apprehended by the police last Wednesday, has been released from custody, according to his lawyer, Lekan Ojo. Ojo confirmed Ajudua’s arrest and subsequent release on bail to our correspondent on Saturday.

Ajudua was reportedly released to his lawyer, Lekan Ojo, and Senator Ned Nwoko on Saturday evening. Ojo expressed his displeasure at the prolonged detention of his client without being arraigned in court or granted bail, emphasizing the constitutional violation of detaining a person for more than 48 hours without due process.

According to Ojo, Ajudua’s arrest on May 1st, 2024, stemmed from a land dispute and had no connection to fraud or forgery, as initially reported. He clarified that the petitioner had exaggerated the situation, and the disagreement between Ajudua and the petitioner was solely related to a land dispute.

In a statement to The Punch, Ojo emphasized that no documents were forged, and the arrest was solely based on a misunderstanding over the land matter. He criticized the petitioner for blowing the dispute out of proportion and emphasized Ajudua’s right to due process and timely arraignment.

“It is purely a land dispute, and he’s been detained for four days now, which is against the 48-hour constitutional stipulation,” Ojo stated, underscoring his presence in Abuja to ensure his client’s rights are upheld.

Confirming Ajudua’s release, Ojo stated, “In an alignment of forces, myself and Senator Ned Nwoko are here, and he’s just been released on bail to us.”


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