Estate Agent Sentenced to Three Years Imprisonment for N700,000 Theft

In a landmark ruling, an Ikeja Special Offences Court has sentenced estate agent Peter Nwogu-Anucha to three years imprisonment for stealing N700,000 from a client, Mr. Obinna Ukpabi. Justice Rahman Oshodi delivered the verdict on Friday, affirming the prosecution’s case against the convict and his company, Business Defense Solutions Ltd.

Justice Oshodi emphasized the gravity of the offence, stating that the evidence presented unequivocally proved Nwogu-Anucha’s culpability. Despite signing a memorandum of understanding with Ukpabi and receiving the payment, the convict failed to deliver possession of the property or refund the money as agreed. Instead, he vanished without communication, dissipating the funds on the same day they were received.

The judge noted the prolonged trial duration since Nwogu-Anucha’s arraignment in 2018 but underscored that the length of the trial does not diminish the severity of the offence or its impact on the victim. Justice Oshodi also considered the convict’s prior conviction for a similar offence, highlighting a pattern of fraudulent behavior aimed at deceiving unsuspecting victims.

In sentencing, Justice Oshodi emphasized the convict’s lack of remorse and the need for accountability. Nwogu-Anucha was sentenced to three years imprisonment, with the term starting from March 12, 2018, the date of his remand. Additionally, Business Defense Solutions Ltd. was fined N500,000, payable within 90 days of the judgment.


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